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CIPHER Research Grant Award Recipient Amara Enzeamama is coming to MSU

Dear Global Child Development Research Colleagues,

At the risk of being a bother, we have more important news to share.

Dr. Amara Ezeamama will be joining our MSU Psychiatry Department Global Research Group starting June 1 as an assistant professor tenure stream. She is leaving a faculty position in the Epidemiology Department at the University of Georgia to join our group. She just received notification of her CIPHER research grant award from the Internal AIDS Society (IAS), and will be sponsored to attend this year’s IAS meeting in Durban South Africa in July to receive her award.

Details are attached. I am serving as a primary mentor on this project, which will be based in Kampala Uganda. Local Ugandan collaborators are also part of the key investigator study and mentoring team, including Dr. Philippa Musoke who was Makerere Pediatrics Chair during my cerebral malaria Fulbright year in Uganda and is presently collaborating on our Ugandan pediatric HIV studies based at MUJHU/Mulago Hospital.

We are hoping very much that we can leverage Amara’s project synergistically with our other ongoing initiatives in Uganda related to pediatric HIV neurodevelopment intervention research (link below).

An IAS CIPHER award is a very big honor for early career investigators in the global AIDS research field. This award also provides critical seed funding for Amara as she establishes her research portfolio as part of our Psychiatry Department research initiatives in Uganda and more broadly in Africa and globally.

Please join me in congratulating Amara on this achievement, and in welcoming her to our MSU Psychiatry Department Global Research Team and MSU COM family.

The MSU Psychiatry Department is hosting a welcome luncheon reception at noon on Tuesday April 26 for our newest assistant professor members, Drs. Itziar Familiar-Lopez, Horacio Ruiseñor’-Escudero, and Amara Ezeamama. They all have accomplished important work already in Uganda and will be a great collaborative foundation for expanding our work in Uganda and elsewhere globally going forward, enhancing the opportunities for vulnerable children to thrive early. Details on the luncheon will soon follow.


Michael Boivin

MSU Psychiatry Thrive Early initiative

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