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Konzo in Congo

A group of scientists spanning three continents landed a five-year grant to study the disease of Konzo in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The project was launched on June, 2011 and will go through 2016. This video introduces the project as well as the disease which affects thousands of women and children in the DRC and their families.


Computer Cognitive Rehabilitation














This study will evaluate the neuropsychological benefits of computerized cognitive rehabilitation therapy (CCRT) for Ugandan school children surviving severe malaria.


Caregiver training in Uganda













We will evaluate the effectiveness of our caregiver training intervention within a randomized controlled trial (RCT) for both HIV-infected and affected Ugandan children in the household, in addition to the target child. This study emphasizes both developmental outcomes for the children, quality of caregiving at home, and psychosocial benefit outcomes for caregivers.

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